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If you are curious about why I paint watercolors

My great interest in watercolor painting began at the beginning of 2018, but I have carried my interest in art with me all my life. The various techniques of watercolor painting challenge me to constantly explore and develop my painting. Watercolor as a medium feels endless, new motifs pop up all the time that inspire me to paint further. My goal is not to limit myself in which motifs and techniques I choose, but let desire and curiosity take me further. My interest in photography complements my painting as the photos I take serve as an idea bank for future motifs.

I attended a 1-year preparatory education at the art school in Stockholm in the 90s. In addition, I am self-taught but aim to continue attending watercolor courses when the opportunity arises.

I lead courses in watercolor since the spring of 2022. I also give watercolor turorials on Youtube. Watercolor painting challenges me where I both plan my watercolor motifs meticulously weeks in advance.. and the more spontaneous watercolor painting where I let the feelings of the day inspire me and where the result also offers some surprises .